Launch Known Issues


Please refer to the forums for future updates:


With Radical Heights launching in X-TREME Early Access, the team is aware of some issues you may encounter while playing the game and have listed them along with workarounds for some of these issues below. We thank you for helping us test the game and if you have something further to report, please check out the links below.

If you want to report a bug you find while playing Radical Heights, please refer to the "How to Report a Bug Report" post

If you are experiencing technical issues and are having difficulty playing Radical Heights, please refer to the "How to Report a Technical Issue" post.

Launch Known Issues:


  • Korea region is not available yet


  • Wins may only show if you get the final kill.
  • Best Match Score is reported incorrectly.
  • Total Playtime is reported incorrectly.
  • Purchased/Discovered wardrobe stat is not hooked up yet.


  • First launch of game may not populate friends list with other Radical Heights players who are in your Steam friends.
    • Workaround: Relaunch the game to fix this issue.


  • Crosshair color is displayed as hexadecimal value instead of color name.
  • UI Scale currently doesn't work properly, avoid using it for now.


  • General Jank – if you find yourself stuck, floating, falling animations, etc. Jump and roll. Again. AGAIN!
  • Voice chat is not enabled yet - Coming Soon!
  • Can purchase health from the Urgent Care machine even when at full health.
  • Enemy ragdolls continue to play footsteps until they despawn.
  • One zipline in the warmup room can not be interacted with, use the other ziplines
  • ATM deposit does not work during the first match - after your first match depositing will work correctly.
  • Audio mix on footsteps is a bit low right now, and the announcers VO a bit loud.

    • Footsteps on most surfaces sound like concrete right now.
  • The end of match summary shows a line for cash boosts, boosts are not used!


  • Bushes are invisible in zone D7 around the vending machines, they will return to their normal state soon!
  • Floating fences and some general jank around the world, bear with us!


  • "Equipped" text is missing from items you currently have equipped.
  • Spiked wristband currently has an issue with long sleeve shirts. If you equip or preview a long sleeve shirt while you have the wristband equipped it will not display.

    • Workaround: To fix this issue, equip a short sleeve, or no shirt, and restart the client.
  • Equip button currently doesn't work on the Featured and Recently Found tabs in the Prize Room.

    • Workaround: Go to customization to equip newly purchased cosmetics!


  • Chinese and Japanese currently don't display any localization, fix incoming asap!
  • Localization across all languages may have missing translations in certain areas, fixes incoming!