How Adrenaline Works

 Let’s get your heart pumping...Double Dudes underwear.  That work? Ok if that didn’t (you may be dead inside), I am here to solve that for you.  This guide is all about Adrenaline -- how to get it, what it does and...well, that’s it. Simple!

We’ll start with what it does...

   You can see the Adrenaline meter in the top middle of your screen there, just under the health bar. See?


  Adrenaline can provide a lot of benefits during your time in the Dome, especially when it comes to facing off against opponents. Gaining Adrenaline increases your movement speed and reduces gun recoil.

  Now let’s talk about how to earn Adrenaline.

 We’ll start with my personal favorite -- Eating Royales with Cheese.  Not only do these delicious meat bombs provide small healing, but they’re also great for getting those arteries to party. Delicious!


  Next up, kicking in doors.  That’s right, let that door know who’s boss! By holding “E”, you can totally demolish doors and make an entrance. Good thing you don’t skip leg day.



  Freshly added in Patch 1: Diving through windows.  Our contestants gave feedback that they wanted the ability to dive through windows.  Well, get ready to make an entrance!  By running towards large windows, jumping and pressing "F", you'll dive right through those panes.  Would you look at that, not even a scratch.



 Finally (this one may hurt a little), your Adrenaline will rise if you take damage.  Getting shot may take some of your health, but some of your Adrenaline will kick in to help you serpentine out of harm’s way to get a better angle on your opponent or find somewhere safe to heal. Imagine what happens if you get shot and then heal with a Royale with Cheese...hmmmm.


  There you have it contestants!  Feel free to share this Rad Guide to drop some knowledge for your friends and followers. It’s also worth noting, that the Boss Key team is looking at other ways to gain Adrenaline.  If you want to know more about something else or have a suggestion for what other topics would make a Rad Guide, drop us a line on social! Now go forth and reach those Radical Heights!

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