How In-Game Cash Works


 Time to bring home the bacon! Mmmmm, bacon. In this article, you’ll learn how to earn in-game cash, spend it and how to use your wallet at ATMs spread throughout the world of Radical Heights.

  First let’s talk about your Radical wallet.  Is that made from genuine linen? Wow, you’re fancy.

  NOTE: Each match, every contestant starts with $0 in their in-game wallet and the game begins with a level playing field.

  So that leads us into our first topic...

let’s talk about how to earn it.

Loot For In-Game Cash & Prizes


  Find it placed around the map.  You can find in-game cash in the form money stacks, prizes and even hidden in cash registers.  If you see that golden twinkle around an item, go up to it and press “E” to add to your in-game wallet.  For cash registers located in various stores and establishments, you’ll see a dollar sign above them.  You can shoot them for the loot or choose to conserve your ammo, hit “X” to switch to your fists and give them the ol’ “atta-boy, slugger.”

Dynamic Game Show Events

  Wait, did you hear that?  Chuck just cued a cash drop!  Oh hey, open that prize door and see what’s inside!  You’ll be able to find in-game cash and prizes in a variety of game shows, but be sure to watch your six.  You’re not the only contestant that wants to earn some cash. Remember: taking the time to interact with these game show events leaves you you need to choose what you want to do. 

 Enemy Loot

  Whoa nice shot!  Not only do eliminated contestants leave behind their weapons and gear for the looting, but they’ll leave behind the in-game cash they had on them too! So don’t forget to pick up that sweet bundle of green from their loot drop.

Being the BEST around!

  You know the name of the game, contestants...well, it’s Radical Heights...BUT the point of the game is to be the last contestant standing.  If you are the one that stands alone in a sea of confetti and greatness, your wallet will be rewarded with more money.

Now for the fun part... Let’s talk about how to spend it.

It’s risk versus reward in Radical Heights. Your in-game CASH wallet always starts at $0 when you enter the match (for every player) and if you want to pull out some in-game cash from your “Offshore Bank,” you need to go to an ATM or find cash in the world before you can spent it. Taking out cash takes time and effort, leaving you vulnerable while you do so. Simply put: this leaves you very can get shot in the back!

Vending Machines

In the world of Radical Heights, you’ll happen upon vending machines where you can buy weapons or gear to help you along your journey to victory. Each contains a variety of weaponry, gadgets and armor with varying prices to match the type of weapon, gadget or armor and their rarity. 

  The “Top Gunz” vending machines will contain more effective weaponry than you may be able to find quickly on your initial drop, (discreet cough), rocket launchers.

  There are also “RH Gear” vending machines that hold items like helmets and kevlar vests if you’re in need of pew pew protection or need to trade out damaged armor for some fresh defense after that totally insane battle you just had. Once you spend money at a vending machine, that money is gone forever.

  Oh yeah, did we mention that these machines make a lot of noise when you use them? While the jingles might be catchy, keep your guard up because nearby player's will know what you're up to!

Cosmetics Scavenger Hunt

  See that shirt right there?  Pick it up! During your fight for survival, you will come across customization items that include things like shirts, hats, and shoes.  The items you collect are added to your Prize Room, which you can find in the main menu. If you collected an item you think would make your contestant look totally righteous, you can purchase and equip it from the Prize Room.  Keep in mind, only a certain number of cosmetics can be collected during each match so choose which you hold on to wisely. Oh, Double Dudes underwear! Keepo!


  Another form of in-game currency you may see are RAD GEMS. "Cash" is our in-game soft currency. This is represented by cash pickups and prizes you find in the game world. RAD GEMS is our premium currency that can be purchased in game with real-world money. RAD GEMS can be used to purchase cosmetics outright, or players can grind for in-game cash to also purchase cosmetics (once they are found in the game world). Here's a fresh graphic to explain:




  "So once you earn cash in game, where is all this cash money stored?" Each contestant’s funds are stored in a bank -- Offshore Accounts. The money you leave with each match is collected here.   You can access this account in-game by using ATM machines that are scattered throughout the world of Radical Heights. Remember, at the start of the match, your wallet contains $0. ATM machines allow you to withdraw funds from your account and place it in your in-game wallet to purchase things like weapons and gear.  BUT keep in mind, using these can be time consuming and quite risky as it leaves you open to approaching enemies, who are coming to steal your cash! Oh, you like saving dough you say? If you’re the frugal type, you can also use the ATM to deposit money you have earned from looting.

  If you die during the match, you will lose a percentage of the cash you have stashed in your wallet. BUT if you win, you double the dough you have on hand.  For instance, if you have $600 in your wallet and you win the match, you will earn $1200. So in a way, the money you withdraw from your Offshore Account can also be used to bet on yourself.  Feeling lucky?


  There you have it, contestants. Time for you to get out there to earn, spend and win that cash.  Go forth and reach those Radical Heights!


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