How to Play

Welcome to the show! You’re about to experience “X-TREME” Early Access and play Boss Key Productions’ Battle Royale with cheese, Radical Heights!  


Before you jump in and check it out, we want to give ya a quick rundown of how the game works. More than likely, you’ve played a Battle Royale game before...that’s good! We’re huge fans of the big guys out there, so a lot will be familiar, however -- there are a number of unique things in Radical Heights not found in other Battle Royale games.

Remember: Radical Heights is in “X-TREME” Early Access. We want to know your feedback, as we’re actively building the game while you experience it. Some things may be unfinished or in-progress. So, be mindful of that and please and head over to the forums to help us make the game YOU want.

Let’s get started.

Goal of the Game:

Be the last surviving contestant, by any means necessary. Yep. Welcome to the Battle Royale genre.


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How Inventory Works:

The inventory in Radical Heights is divided into a few categories.


Weapons & Gear

The two Main categories are Weapons (firearms) and Gear (throwables and support items / gadgets). When you start a round of Radical Heights you will start with only 1 Weapon and 1 Gear slot unlocked. As you play through the game, you can increase the amount of Weapons and Gear you can carry by picking up items that grant you additional Weapon or Gear slots.

Weapon Holster pickup = 1 Additional Weapon Slot (max of 3 weapon slots possible)

Rad Sport Backpack pickup = 1 Additional Gear Slot (max of 3 gear slots possible)

Holsters and Backpacks can be found in the world, can be purchased from RH Gear vending Machines, and are dropped when an opponent is killed.


Cosmetic Prizes

As you play through Radical Heights, you will discover Cosmetic Items that you can collect and unlock in your prize room for purchasing post match. You can carry a total of 3 Cosmetic Prize Items. The number of cosmetic items you are carrying is denoted above your Weapon and Gear slots by the 3 additional squares on your HUD.



Ammo does not take up inventory slots.


Pre-match Queue:

Before each match begins, players will load into a temporary sandbox environment as the server collects the necessary amount of players to start the match. After that, a brief countdown will begin and you’ll be placed into the match!


Gliding Down:

After the countdown ends, the screen will go black and the match will begin shortly… with players in freefall!  Remember: you can control your character and choose where you want to go!


GRID Closure System:

If you have played a Battle Royale game before, you’ll know that the play space constricts over time to force players into tight and tighter engagements. In Radical Heights, we don’t want to do the same ol’ closing circle, we want to do something new. Behold our GRIDLOCKED closure system. Throughout the game, more and more of the GRID squares will lock down, creating a unique constriction with each match. Always keep an eye on where you’re at and the state of the GRID at all times! Yellow = get out of the zone, stat! Red = you’ll take damage, so leave!

In addition, when the match first begins there will be certain zones already locked down.  This is temporary! These initial red zones will shortly revert back to normal zones.


Prize Boxes:

Who doesn’t like opening presents? Plotted throughout the dome are prize boxes that contain a randomized set of items; from weapons, to cash, and everything in between. Point is: if you think it’s safe to open, run up to them and activate with “E” until the bar fills up then reveal in your goodies.



They are all over the place. Most likely, you can’t win without having one. Once you secure a weapon, also make sure to find ammo for it too!


Cash and Prizes:

One thing you’ll notice is that the world of Radical Heights features more than just weapons to be found. You’ll also come across cash and prizes in the world. These equate to $$$ you can spend at vending machines (and out of game in the prize room on those rad cosmetics) to nab high-power weapons, armor and more to give you an edge. Pickup with “E”.


In-Game Wallet:

Your wallet starts at ZERO and builds up over the course of the match as you find cash and prizes. Use your funds from this wallet at various machines, ATMs, Top Gunz, RH Gear and more! Details below.


“Offshore Bank”:

The “Offshore Bank” is your total accrued CASH stored in a safe place to use in matches (via ATM Machines) or in your own personal prize room to buy rad cosmetics.  


ATM Machines:

Having issues finding CASH in the world? These nifty machines scattered throughout Radical Heights allow you to withdraw the CASH you’ve found from your “Offshore Bank” to your in-game wallet. Now that you have some cash, go buy a weapon!


Weapon & Armor Vending Machines:

Remember that cash I was talking about? Yep - you can spend at these. Top Gunz (weapons) and GEAR (armor) vending machines are scattered throughout the world of Radical Heights and contain weapons and armor that can give you an advantage in combat. Collect cash and spend it! We love consumers. We love you.


Game Show Moments:

Spin the wheel! Open that prize door! Go for a cash-grab! Or… wait until another contestant does, take aim and fire away to snag all the game show rewards for yourself. Each game of Radical Heights is completely different, as unique Game Show moments occur at random. Take a chance - it might just pay off.


Armor & Weapon Rarity:

Yo, if you see a helmet or bullet proof vest, pick ‘em up with the “E” key. They protect the squishy stuff inside you that’ll make you live longer. Pretty simple. Do it. Also, both armor and weapons have rarity values ranging from green to pink, to signify their strength and effectiveness in combat.


BMX Bikes:

Yep, you can ride them. Just walk up, press “E” and get pedaling! Think you’re cool? Well, show off your skills by doing some sick tricks. Press “SPACE” to jump, “SHIFT” to pedal faster and experiment! Also, you can shoot while yeah...things are gonna get crazy.


End-game Shootout Showcase:

If you’re skilled enough (or just hide somewhere for the duration of the match), you’ll be a part of the Shootout Showcase! When all the GRID squares close except for the final one, a gigantic truss will lower from the top of the dome, the lights will dim and a spotlight will be cast on the final contestants. It’s tense. It’s dramatic. It’s...ridiculous.



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