Meet Radical Heights' Creative Director

  Welcome, contestants, to Radical Heights!  We at Boss Key are so excited to share news and talk with the community about our newest F2P title that’s hitting Steam Early Access on April 10.

  There are many ways one could explain what makes up the world of Radical Heights -- a battle royale game show that transports you back to the day of mixtapes and leg warmers with a futuristic twist, or a survival shooter illuminated by the neon lights of the fun and zany.  BUT for us, this is a reflection of creative passion, our love for shooters and a world that pays homage to our childhoods.

 To dive a little deeper into Radical Heights' creation, I have recruited the Project Creative Director of Radical Heights, Zach Lowery, to briefly talk about how it came to be [aaaannnd cue studio audience applause].

Welcome, Zach! So let’s kick it off and start with why Boss Key wanted to make a battle royale game.

We wanted to make a BR game because not only are there a lot of BR fans that work here, but also because we had some fun ideas to put our own spin on the genre. Many BR games follow a specific formula, but with Radical Heights we wanted to bring in elements of juxtaposition to see how they would create unique, interesting experiences. What came out of this juxtaposition was the creation of what we call "Risky Opportunities", which are game show style events that offer great rewards but also make the players take risks if they want to reap the rewards.

Why did we choose themes of the 80’s era to feature in the Radical Heights world?

There is no doubt the 80's era is hot right now. Our team is very passionate about this time period -- most of us grew up during this time. Even our younger members of the team love the look and feel of the era. When we set out to make Radical Heights, we knew that we wanted to get into Early Access quickly and find our audience. By picking a time period like the 80s, every member of the team could immediately jump in and understand a high level of the direction for the visuals and the tone. Also the 80's are just Rad!

  Here’s one I am sure a lot of battle royale fans out there would want to know: Why would players choose pick up Radical Heights rather than play one of the other battle royale titles?

  I think the experience you get when you play Radical Heights is very different than other BR games. Our tone is very comedic and lighthearted, we have a faster game time so you don't have to invest 40 minutes to win a game, which means you and your friends can have more games together, which means more adventures and stories to share at the water cooler the next day. I think one of the biggest reasons players would and should pick up Radical Heights is that we have focused on making the experience of the 99% of the players that lose a round almost as rewarding as the 1% that win. Winning will always be the best feeling, but in Radical Heights you are not only in a survival shooter, you are also in an 80's-fueled scavenger hunt for prizes. Kick in doors and find cosmetic prizes that you can unlock and use to customize your avatar post match. If you find it, you get to keep it, win or lose!

  When we say, “Radical Heights X-TREME Early Access”, what does that mean for players and what can they expect?

From day one of conceptualizing Radical Heights, we knew we wanted to launch in an early access state. Early Access for us means that we can get the game out to our consumers early, give them a taste of our world and mechanics and evolve the game with the community as we move forward with development. There are some features in RH that are bare bones because we want to test the waters and see how players respond to these mechanics. If they respond well, then we can go all-in on it and build the mechanics out with the player's input in mind. If the feature isn't well received, or happens to reveal that it doesn't make long term sense for the game, then we can cut it without significant investment. We want to be agile with our community, listen to them and try new things, while also being realistic of the possibility of success and failure of certain features.

OK one more question, and I’ll let you get back to creating all things Radical: What are some key things that we learned from LawBreakers that we’ll be applying to Rad Heights?

Often times as developers we say, "Gameplay is King", and while this is true, if a game isn't fun no one will play it. What we neglected is that "Accessibility is the Kingdom.” If your game isn't accessible, players will be thrown off and never grasp the fun that exists with the gameplay. On Radical Heights we have applied a lot of focus on making sure that mechanics are simplified and understandable. You want to open that giant mystery door, just stand in front of it -- no complex interactions. This is something we will continue to focus on as we move forward through Early Access, and also something we will be listening heavily to our community's feedback on.

 Thanks so much, Zach, for taking the time to chat. As Zach mentioned, a big part of our development includes YOUR input.  So let us know what you think over on our forums or social (check the links below).

   Be sure to jump in and play Radical Heights on April 10!  It’s free! Did we mention it’s free?  Oh, and it’s $0.00. If you’re reading this after April 10, then it’s time to suit up, drop in and compete to be the best around.  Want a quick rundown before jumping in? Behind door #1 you will find a quick rundown of all the intense and totally fun action you can expect.

 Thanks for checking out Radical Heights and helping us test the game. Until next time, contestants, go forth and reach those [say it with me] Radical Heights!!


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