Radical Heights Founder's Pack

Hey you!  Yeah, you.  Do you want to be even MORE awesome? Yeah, we know you’re totally awesome now, but this adds...like...even more awesome.  Then it’s time to pull up those leg warmers, toss your favorite cassette in the boombox and snag the Radical Heights Founder’s Pack, an exclusive bundle of loot that is only available if you’re a Founder.  What does it include, you ask? [Flips up shades] Glad you asked…


  • Over 20 pieces of exclusive character cosmetics inspired by the action films of the 80’s you can use to create your own movie star contestant hero!
  • 1250 Rad Gems to buy yourself some chic gear in your Prize Room.  

  5 out of 5 people who have car phones agree that the Radical Heights Founder’s Pack is totally righteous.  If you want these exclusive items, be sure to purchase it here on Steam for $14.99. Remember, you won’t be able to earn these cosmetic items anywhere else!





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