Welcome to Radical Heights X-TREME Early Access

 Welcome new contestants to Radical Heights, a free X-TREME Early Access BATTLE ROYALE shooter from Boss Key Productions.  Wow, that was a mouthful, but the point of the game is simple, collect as many cash and prizes as you can by finding them as you traverse the map or by participating in game show events and survive to be the last contestant left standing.  You can download it here for FREE starting April 10 on Steam.

 Miss the X-TREME Early Access reveal trailer?  Prepare your TV dinner and settle in…



 Now that we’ve got you ready to pursue your dreams of joining a hair band and battling it out in the world of Radical Heights, we’re going to provide you a couple of quick links to a variety of Radical resources.  

 If you want a quick breakdown of how the game works, you can check out our article all about game flow here.  

 Do you find yourself saying, “Man, I want my Radical Heights contestant to look like they stepped out of an 80’s action flick”, then find out more about our Founder’s Pack that features over 20 pieces of cosmetics and tubular items! Click here to check it out!

  It’s time to zip up that fanny pack, go collect loads of cash and survive to be the best around! We can’t wait for you to play Radical Heights and thank you so much for helping us test during X-TREME Early Access.  Be sure to share your favorite moments with us on our social channels and throw us your feedback on our forums (coming soon). We want to hear your thoughts and develop the game alongside our community of contestants.  

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   Until next time, contestants, go forth and reach those RADICAL HEIGHTS!


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